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We are dedicated in helping franchises connect with quality local potential investors and entrepreneurs . We are NOT guys in suits sitting in an office! We live and breath franchise! We understand the franchising business model inside and out. Through FranFlight and other companies owned by our company, we helped develop over 200+ franchise concepts in the United States. 

With this concept in mind, we know what works and what don’t for real life professionals. We know the difference in having a large marketing budget and spend a lot of money to get some customers, and we know the struggles some companies go just to find a lead or two. That’s why we developed a system that works!


Where Does Our Leads Come From?

We manually score and qualify every request received form potential franchisees, to assure the quality and legitimacy of every request. Unlike our competitors, that advertise heavily on multiple sources to try and get you the highest number of leads possible, and more often than not, delivering lots of low quality leads, we let potential franchisees know about you and your franchise model only when they are actually looking to invest and start a franchise. This makes our leads more reliable and helps you close more deals.

How Does It Work?

. Potential franchisees come to our website looking for opportunities and request more info for franchise opportunities on a certain industry, ex: A Mexican restaurant franchise in Boston, Ma

. Our team will check the request for legitimacy and score this lead

. We send this information to your mobile phone and email

. After reviewing this lead, you can decide to purchase it or not

You are NOT obligated in any way to pay for a lead you don't want to receive!

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